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Podcasts (audio recordings) of key sections are being created for the visually impaired, and anyone who wants to hear, rather than read A Matter Of Scale. To download a Podcast (in MP3 format) right-click on the link and save the file. Clicking on the link will normally play the audio within your browser.

The Podcasts are stored offline at the Internet Archive.

Chapter 10: Why Does It Matter?

Introduction (improved quality)
The Three Tests: Part 1 (improved quality)
The Three Tests: Part 2 (improved quality)

Chapter 11: Why Connect

Introduction (improved quality)
The Connection (improved quality)

Chapter 13: Why Can't We Connect?

The Tools Of Disconnection: Part 1
The Tools Of Disconnection: Part 2
The Tools Of Disconnection: Part 3
The Tools Of Disconnection: Part 4
The Tools Of Disconnection: Part 5
Who Is Responsible?

Chapter 16: Making The Change

Introduction (improved quality)

Level 1: Ways To Live                
Consuming, Eating and Travelling (improved quality)
Living, Working and Reproducing (improved quality)
Restoring and Educating (improved quality)
Sabotaging (improved quality)

Level 2: Ways To Accelerate change
Innovators, Early Adopters and the rest (improved quality)
Tipping Points and Sabotage (improved quality)

Level 3: Ways To Influence People
The Eco-Meme (improved quality)

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