The front cover illustration
was created by the talented and extremely patient Claire Keay (

Thanks to the following people for help in the writing of this book…

Professor Bob Altemeyer, The Ant, Bob Barrows, Mike Bennett, Bridget Box, Paul Brannon, Raymond Brettman, Phil Buck, Emma Chappell, Charlotte Chappell, Jacqui Cosgree, Mike Courtney, Dennis Emery, Joyce Emery, Dr Simon Gowen, Kevin Grandia, Andy Griffiths, Mick Harding, Jim Hoggan, David Johnston-Smith, Shane Jordan, Professor Bob Lane, Lucy Luck, Peter Mason, Barbara McCarthy, Karen Pinder, Ana Salote, Bonnie Turner, David Wasdell, Dr Martin Wiselka and everyone else who helped out but I have temporarily forgotten…please don’t hesitate to remind me.

Special Thanks to the following people  – you have no idea how important you are…

Angela Farnish, Helen Mulley, Shaun Qureshi, Tony Seels, and my two biological imperatives, Sophie and Becky.


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